I've always been fascinated by the beauty that can be found in things we view as somehow flawed or imperfect and the value to be discovered in some things that we discard as worthless. As a youngster, I was always filling my pockets with assorted rocks, pieces of wood, and assorted detritus from the side of the road. Anything with strong visual and tactile interest. Now, in my seventh decade, I continue that practice. Always gathering with the intent of showing what I've found. Sharing my discoveries.

I believe that one primary purpose of art is to provide the world with a different way of seeing ordinary things -- of finding and showing things that others may have missed. Today my art is intended to show my discoveries in a way that gives them new meaning. Over the years my art has been evolving from representational to expressionistic and from two dimensional to three, gradually incorporating more and more of the texture and visual interest that attracted me to those items I brought home in my pockets.

Here are links to sites featuring some of my favorite artists and influences:

Joseph Cornell -- www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/cornell/
Dale Copeland -- http://dalecopeland.co.nz/default.htm
Jere Allen -- www.jerehallen.com
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